Trends in Communications: Going Digital

By Nancy Webster, Treasurer

I was honored to be able to represent our AWC chapter at the recent National Conference. I can honestly say that every session topic was extremely interesting and quite applicable to today’s workplace.

The overall focus was on what is trending in today’s communications world: from the boardroom to the office and then some.

Our jobs as marketing professionals has dramatically changed over the last 20 years. Modern technology has changed the way we approach every aspect of our daily lives. New technology, social media, mobile media has changed the time it takes to not only gather information but disseminate it.

As quoted by Robert Frost, “The afternoon knows what the morning never expected.” Communication professionals are asked to become social media expects and are tasked with the challenge to create effective campaigns to engage their audiences.

So how can we use our current message and give it a new fresh digital twist? The key is the “digital” part! Everything has gone digital. Think about it … your daily newspaper is digital, your favorite novels – digital. Students are receiving their assignments digitally. The printed word on paper as we once knew it is about gone!

Technology is moving at lightning speed! Our last speaker of the conference showed us the most amazing thing – a photo of a train station! If you hovered your iPhone over the picture with your QR code app the train actually began to move thru the station. The photograph literally became a motion picture! Now how is that possible? Just another example how things are changing in the communications and technology fields.

Aren’t you curious what another 10 years will bring? It is almost a little scary, but very exciting!

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