Board of Directors

Tulsa Chapter Board of Directors

Serving on AWC’s Board of Directors is one of the most exciting and valuable leadership opportunities offered by membership. The Tulsa Chapter includes more than 20 leadership positions filled by dedicated members who meet monthly to set the chapter’s direction and policies. In addition to helping govern the organization, these board members lead the committees that deal with all areas of the chapter’s activities--from membership to programs to public relations.

Volunteers with a variety of skills and experience are needed. The presidency usually requires a four-year commitment: at least one year in a board position followed by a year each as president-elect, president and past president.

Board members are happy to answer questions about their committees or about AWC. Board positions generally run one fiscal year, July 1- June 30.

Website Co-Chair

Debra Ingram, 7602349
Phone: 918-760-2349

Martha C. Cantrell
Phone: (918) 742-4655
Graphic Design Co-Chair
Kelly Kruggel
Community Service Council
Graphic Design Co-Chair
Tabitha Littlefield
Tulsa Community College PACE
Phone: 918.933.1877
Immediate Past President

Nicole P. Burgin
Tulsa Community College
Phone: (918) 595-7966

Michelle Brooks, APR
City of Tulsa
Phone: (918) 596-9875
Taylor Costley Lippitt
Tulsa Chamber of Commerce
Phone: 918-560-0227
Membership Recruitment Co-Chair
Heather Orcutt
John Zink Hamworthy Combustion
Phone: 918-829-3136
Membership Recruitment Co-Chair

Samantha Slater
Cherokee Nation Businesses
Phone: 918-621-7188
Membership Retention

Ruth E. Richards
Phone: (918) 645-3540
W3 Socials Co-Chair
Emily Bolusky
Family and Children's Services
Phone: 9185601109
W3 Socials Co-Chair

Heather Hope-Hernandez
H3 Consulting
Phone: (918) 607-2923
Newsmakers Co-Chair
Teri Bowers
Phone: 918-851-8998
PR / Social Media Co-Chair
Jamie Marie Edford
Oklahoma State University-Tulsa
Phone: (918) 594-8024
PR / Social Media Co-Chair

Dee Harris
Family & Children's Services
Phone: 918.639.0453

Jillian Schillaci
Well Said Jillian
Phone: 9186050566
Sharleen Dupee
Freedom Electrical Services, Inc.
Phone: (918) 629-3638
Programs Co-Chair

Melani Hamilton
OSU Center for Health Sciences
Workshop Co-Chair

Dee Harris
Family & Children's Services
Phone: 918.639.0453

Roberta M. Fankhauser
Thomson Reuters
Phone: (918) 406-5092
Debbie Garner
Mabrey Bank
Phone: 918-284-5381


Get Involved!

Upload your talent by getting involved with AWC. In return, you get to download experience, exposure and excitement!

Working with local AWC officers gives you limitless opportunities to polish your current skills and to gain new ones. No matter what you know or would like to learn, there’s a place within AWC for you. Contact [email protected] to find out how you can participate.